Are dogs welcome?

– Yes! We welcome dogs both indoors and outdoors.

I’m disabled, can I visit you?

– Unfortunately the main entrance to the restaurant isn’t adapted for wheelchairs but we’ll gladly help you inside through the kitchen entrance. Your wheelchair however can’t be wider than 70 cm. The restroom is large enough for a wheelchair but it is not fitted with any handles or other such facilities.

Can i bring my kids to the restaurant? do you have highchairs? can i bring the stroller indoors?

– Yes, children are always welcome. Highchairs are available but your stroller must stay outside. When making your table reservation please include your children in the total number of guests.

do you have parking nearby?

– Yes, there is a public parking on the mainland, just before the small bridge to Bockholmen. Parking on Bockholmen is otherwise prohibited.

can we come to you by boat?

– Yes, we have a quite large pier with a depth of approx. 8 metres.

what type of food do you serve?

– Classic Swedish flavours with a Mediterranean touch.

i have allergies, can you adapt the menu for me?

– Absolutely! Get in touch with us at: bockholmen@bockholmengruppen.com.

how long does the kitchen stay open?

– The kitchen closes one hour before the restaurant does.

i’m on a diet, do you have suitable dishes?

– Yes, most of the time. If not, we’ll adjust an existing dish for you after our best ability.

do you offer take away?

– Yes, we offer take away from our lunch menu during the high season and the evening menu (with restriction for certain dishes). Please observe that take away does not apply for seafood or christmas table.

do you offer catering?

– Yes, our catering department will gladly help you with this. Please get in touch with your request at: catering@bockholmengruppen.com.

can we bring our own cake or can you provide one for us?

– You can’t bring your own cake but we can pre-order a cake for you, or bake one depending on your wishes. Please contact us at: bockholmen@bockholmengruppen.com.

i would like to surprise my friends with a flower, a bottle of champagne or such. can you help me with this?

– We can help you with anything we have on our menu, but e.g. a flower you must bring yourself or order from a florist.

do you have a bar?

– We don’t have a bar indoors but during the summer we have “Kärleksbaren”, our outdoor bar down by the water which is open if weather permits. For more info see Kärleksbarens instagram.

can i reserve a table at kärleksbaren?

– No, we do not take any reservations there. Just come by and we’ll sort a table for you.

do you have outdoor seating?

– Yes, during the summer.

do you have a chambre séparée? can we sit secluded?

– Yes. We have two private rooms upstairs for 24 or 8 persons. We also have our lovely Orangery down by the water with room for 24 persons. You can book these room directly here on our website.

can we reserve our favourite table?

– We can’t promise anything but we will do our best to fulfill your wishes.

can i lease the entire restaurant for a wedding or such?

– Yes but only during our off season (October – November and January – April). Please contact our booking manager at: hilla@bockholmengruppen.com.

do i need a table reservation or can i come by spontaneously?

– A table reservation is always best to guarantee you a table but we’ll of course do our best to accommodate our more spontaneous guests.

if i come by spontaneously, how long will i have to wait for a table?

– Hard to tell, anything from 10 minutes to an hour – or more, or less.

can you invoice us?

– We don’t invoice groups below 10 persons, privat persons or companies outside Sweden. If payed by invoice a fee of 200: – will be added to the bill. All invoice queries must be approved before the visit by emailing us on bockholmen@bockholmengruppen.com.

Do you sell gift cards?

– Yes! We sell gift cards both at the restaurant and through www.bockholmengruppen.com

do you have wi-fi available?

– Yes.

i forgot something at the restaurant! what do i do?

– Please send us an email on: bockholmen@bockholmengruppen.com.

are you hiring?

– Yes, almost always. Please connect with us via: jobb.bockholmengruppen.com.