Christmas julbord

We love Christmas...

Stockholm's longest gatherings for small and large groups...

Lunch: 795 SEK – Dinner: 995 SEK

It's high time to book Christmas buffet at Bockholmen. As darkness falls and hopefully snow begins to cover the ground, we set up our exclusive Christmas buffet for the 20th year in a row.

We welcome groups of up to 30 people and start the evening with mulled wine and gingerbread on the porch before enjoying a classic herring service that comes to your table, followed by a visit to the laid table in the space between the kitchen and dining room.

Of course, the whole grilled piglet is at the center, mingling with our favorites from the traditional Christmas buffet.

With us, you should not feel any rush, as we give you plenty of time during all our gatherings so that you can enjoy all 9 servings that our guide prescribes. Just relax and enjoy the experience in our fantastic merchant's villa (psst, rumor has it that we have Stockholm's longest sitting times).


Welcome to Bockholmen's Christmas buffet 2023...